Zhangye Transportation: How to travel Zhangye by Flight, Train and Bus

Transport to/from Zhangye

Zhangye city is in Gansu province and it is convenient to arrive here. You can take the train, flight or bus. Zhangye owns only one train station, Zhangye train station, which is in the northeast of Zhangye city. You can take the direct plane to Zhangye airport which is near the city and very convenient. There are three bus stations in Zhangye and you can choose to arrive here by coach. The main transportation here is buses and taxies, but you can also take a chartered car.

By Train

The ticket total price includes net price, service fee, credit card processing fee, and the delivery fee (it depends on your requirement).
The service fee is varies from $5 to $15, which depends on the different net price. Some train ticket is in a shortage and very difficult to purchase.
Our quotation is based on the updated exchange rate between US Dollar and CN Yuan.

You can get to Zhangye train station directly by train. It is near the city and very convenient. The train station is in the northeast of the city, 8 kilometers from the urban area. If you take a taxi, you will spend about 10 yuan from Zhangye train station to the city.
Address: West Road, Dongyuan Town, Ganzhou District, Zhangye City in Gansu Province.
Tel: 0936-8431804
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The main train number schedule in Zhangye

Train to Zhangye
Train from Zhangye
By Flight

You can arrive in Zhangye airport directly by flight but the flights are few here. Besides, these flights are also used as military airport.

1. Zhangye Arport
Zhangye airport is in the southeast of the city, 24 kilometers from the urban area. It is used both as military and civil airports. There are few flights in the airport with only the airlines of Lanzhou, Xi’an and Chongqing.
Address: Shigang Mound, Ganzgou District, Zhangye City in Gansu Province.

2. Airport Bus
Price: 20 yuan per person
Tip: The flights in Zhangye are few, so there are airport buses for all flights to Zhangye city directly. If you buy the ticket at Zhangye booking center in the Electric Power Mansion or Gansu Airport Group of Civil Aviation, you can take the bus for free with the travel itinerary.

3. Zhangye flights schedule

Flight to Zhangye
Flight from Zhangye
By Bus

There are three bus stations in Zhangye: Zhangye bus station, the east bus station and the south bus station, among which Zhangye bus station and the east bus station is bigger with more passengers.

1.Zhangye bus station
Zhangye bus station is also called as Xiguan bus station. It is the most important bus station in Zhangye with the main buses from Yinchuan, Xining and Wulumuqi.
Address: No.128 West Ring Road in Zhangye
Tel: 0936-8210597

2.The east bus station in Zhangye
The buses start from the west bus station, quite near Zhangye city.
Address: No.1 East Ring South Road in Zhangye
Tel: 0936-8214073

3.The south bus station in Zhangye
The buses mainly start to the south of Zhangye or as the shuttle buses to Xining.
Address: No. 35 South Ring Road in Zhangye.
Tel: 0936-8240019