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Zhangye Travel (www.zhangyetravel.com) is a subsidiary website of www.leadtochina.com, which is branch of China Hefei Full View Travel Service Co. Ltd.
Zhangye Travel has become the leading online Zhangye tour operator, offering one-stop Zhangye travel service and tours. We specialize in operating Zhangye danxia tours, rainbow mountain tours, Zhangye side trips and China tours.
In 2015, Zhangye Travel is promoted as “The Top Brand for Foreign Visitors” by Zhangye Tourism Administration.


* We are Local *
As a local travel agency, we understand Zhangye well and are familiar with each place our customer goes.

* One-to-One Tailor-Made*
We will listen to what you want and then carefully design an individual trip to match, working to your budget and with an absolute commitment to quality.

* Lower Price Guaranteed *
We work directly with on-site travel suppliers, without any middleman, so we guarantee you the LOWEST PRICE for any of your trip or service.

* 7*24 Hours on Contact*
Once we receive your inquiry, one of our travel advisors will keep in touch with you to ensure a worry-free trip from the very beginning to the last minute you finish the tour.