Zhangye Travel Tips: Bank, Hospital, Useful Numbers

Zhangye Travel Tips

Travel Time
The climate in Zhangye is dry with less rain. The coldest month is January and the hottest month is July. From June to September every year is the best tourist season in Zhangye. The winter is not very cold because the indoor temperature is high and the outside is sunny. If you go to Zhangye in winter, you need to bring extra batteries for the reason that the cold air will shorten their usage time. And the summer is not very hot because there is breeze outside and the temperature is greatly different in the morning and evening. So you should take enough clothes to keep warm. In addition, as the ultraviolet is strong in summer, you’d better make a good preparation to avoid sunburn in advance. The daytime in Zhangye is dry, so you should take enough water with you, drink more and eat more fruits.
Zhangye City is a multi-national zone so the visitors should pay more attention to local people’s life taboos and don’t argue with others just for some trifles. When you are in Tibetan zone, it is not allowed to take photos in the Temple of Tibetan Buddhism. Please keep this in mind to avoid some unnecessary troubles.
Travel Essential 
Identification: Passport
Daily Necessities: Skin care products, tissues (most toilets will not provide tissues, please prepare them in advance)
Ultraviolet Protection: Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
Medicine: Common cold medicine, carsick medicine and band-aids.
Travel Insurance: Strengthen the awareness of self-protection and buy yourself a travel accident insurance.
Emergency Call
Police Station: 110
Fire Department: 119
Emergency Phone: 120
Traffic Accidents: 122
Complaint Phone of Zhangye Travel: 0936-8229595
Complaint Phone of Gansu Province Travel: 0931-8826860
The People’s Hospital of Zhangye: 0936-8212934