Travel Guide of Rainbow Mountain China: Maps, Platforms, Tips, Tours

Rainbow Mountain China

China Rainbow Mountains are magnificent with gorgeous colors, which developed at about 200 million years ago. Covering an area of over 400 square kilometers, it is composed of lots of smooth and sharp cliffs, most of which are several hundred meters high, and cliffs look very powerful for their neighbors are plains and rivers. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, enjoys he honors of "The world's top ten magical geographical wonders”, is the best place for photography. The best time to see the rainbow hills is in the late afternoon/evening as the sun is setting. Blues, reds and golds are among the colours visible in the breathtaking rock formations. It is a glorious view! ZhangyeTravel offers the tours to visit the Coloured Mountains China with unbeatable price. We are here to help you design your own unique tour. "Nihao and welcome to China!"

Rainbow Mountain China Overview

Geo Location

Zhangye Danxia is also known as the Rainbow Mountain with an area of 529 square kilometers, of which the color hilly area is about 50 square kilometers. It is located in Linze County and is 40 kilometers from the city. The altitude is between 2000 meters and 3800 meters. It is 40 kilometers from east to west and 5 to 10 kilometers from north to south. Thousands of cliff mountains present bright red and reddish brown which against each other showing its special features.

How to Form It?

The geological structure of Zhangye Danxia is the formation of rock accumulation which means the red sandstone develops isolated peaks and steep rocks through the weathering and water’s erosion for a long time along with the special geological structure and climate change. It is mainly composed of red gravel, sandstone and mudstone.

The Award

Zhangye Danxia landform is China’s only Danxia landform in high recombination with color hilly landscape. It is odd and special for hierarchical scattered levels, steep cliffs, rich forms, amazing colors, with a high ornamental value and important scientific value. It enjoys the honors of “China’s top seven most beautiful Danxia landforms”, “China’s top seven most beautiful exotic landforms” and the “the world’s top ten magical geographical wonders”, and is a best place for tourism, painting, photography and science education.

Guide for Travel

The best time to visit the Coloured Mountains China is June to September for the reason that the humid air and cool weather will make you feel much more comfortable. The price of the entrance ticket is 55 Yuan. And the price for the sightseeing bus is 20 Yuan. The time for ticket selling in high season is 05:30-19:00 (The closing time is around 21:00 in the evening.). The selling time in low season is: 06:30-18:00. There are two entrances in the park: entrance in Linze County (the north entrance) and entrance in Sunan County (the east entrance). We suggest you to go from the north entrance as it is more convenient for accommodation and transportation.