West Entrance of Danxia in Linze County, East Entrance of Danxia in Sunan County

Rainbow Mountain China

China Rainbow Mountains are magnificent with gorgeous colors, which developed at about 200 million years ago. Covering an area of over 400 square kilometers, it is composed of lots of smooth and sharp cliffs, most of which are several hundred meters high, and cliffs look very powerful for their neighbors are plains and rivers. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, enjoys he honors of "The world's top ten magical geographical wonders”, is the best place for photography. The best time to see the rainbow hills is in the late afternoon/evening as the sun is setting. Blues, reds and golds are among the colours visible in the breathtaking rock formations. It is a glorious view! ZhangyeTravel offers the tours to visit the Coloured Mountains China with unbeatable price. We are here to help you design your own unique tour. "Nihao and welcome to China!"

Entrance of Rainbow Hills China

Zhangye Danxia has two entrances: entrance in Linze County (the west entrance) and entrance in Sunan County (the east entrance) for united purchase.

The west entrance is in Nantaizi Village, Nijia Camp which is 20 kilometers from Linze County, 40 kilometers from the city.

The east entrance is in Ganjun town, western suburb of Ganzou district in Sunan. The Danxia landform in Linze has 4 viewing platforms. (No.1 to No.4 viewing platforms) The Danxia landform in Sunan has 2 viewing platforms. (You need to walk to get to one of them) If you have plenty of time, you can go to every viewing platform. Our suggestions: Go from the west entrance to visit No.1 to No.4 viewing platforms and then go to the fifth viewing platform in Sunan.

If you want to go to Sunan, please take the bus with the sign of the east entrance. About one of the two viewing platforms said before in Sunan, please walk to the east from the fourth viewing platform in Linze and you will get to the best viewing platform. If you take a bus, you will arrive in the fifth viewing platform directly. You need to climb the highest mountain and you can enjoy the unrivalled panoramic views of Danxia at the top of the hill. Besides, you can see Qilian Mountain at the furthest distance.

Linze County is more popular and closer to the city. Thus most people would like to go to Linze. Sunan County is far and developed later. Although the heartland of Danxia landform is in Sunan, the best viewing zone is in Linze.If your time is limited, we suggest you going to Linze County.