Zhangye danxia tour by hot air ballon, glider & helicopter

Zhangye danxia tour by hot air ballon, glider & helicopter

What kind of experience is it to fly in a hot air balloon, on a glider, in a helicopter or by some other air projects? Late in the afternoon, No.4 Platform in Zhangye Danxia Scenic Area is jam-packed with people, because this is the best place to watch the sunset. And here, you can also participate in some air experience projects, for instance, hot air balloon, glider and helicopter, etc. Zhangye Danxia Landform makes compelling pictures when you stand tall to overlook the mountains in the sinking sun. The deep red flowing grain, like the skin of the earth is ups and downs, makes the distant peaks and clouds complement each other. The shadow formed by folds is just as a variety of techniques in landscape paintings. Crisscross stone forest, looked like palaces and castles, is so mysterious and appalling that gives you a visual impact and makes you amazed.


It's known that these air experience projects will be open to the tourists between June 1st and October 15th. These include:

1. Hot Air Balloon

Adult ticket: 200yuan/person/time, child ticket: 150yuan/person/time

Service time: 06:30-20:00

Note: During July to September every year, there will be more tourists. If you'd like to experience the hot air ballooning, you may need to wait in line. Besides, it cannot fly until 4 persons are collected each time.

2. Glider

Ticket price: 380yuan/person/5min, 450yuan/person/10min, 680yuan/person/15min

Service time: 9:00 -18:00


3. Helicopter

Ticket price: 1-4 persons available, 880yuan/person

Service time: 9:00 -18:00

Note: Helicopter will be open between July 15th and October 15th every year. Because the aircraft is affected by the weather, whether to experience or not will be scheduled by the scenic spot.


If you're interested in the air experience projects, you can mention it while consulting us about the China Coloured Mountains tour. Let's now look through a set of photos to see the breathtaking landscapes of Zhangye Danxia Mountains from the air.