China's Colorado Canyon-Zhangye Pingshanhu Grand Canyon

China's Colorado Canyon-Zhangye Pingshanhu Grand Canyon

Pingshanhu Grand Canyon in Zhangye, one of the world’s five canyons, is equally famous as the Giant Canyon of the Colorado and the Great Rift Valley of the East African. Going through all wind, rain and the miracle of nature, there are deep canyon and distinct peak forest in Zhangye Pingshanhu Grand Canyon. The nature conveys the colorful mountains into incomparable and breathtaking pictures with its extraordinary creations.

Zhangye Pingshanhu Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located at 50km to the north of the Zhangye city, with the north-south width of 26km and east-west length of 40km. It has a total area of 150 sq km. The varied geomorphologic figuration is mixed with the characteristics of “Devil City” in Dunhuang and "Old Castle City" in Rome.

The whole scenic spot consists of nine dragons converging in the sea, valley wonders, couple peaks, on-line sky, lucky sacred tree, golden toad confronting the sky, stone forest and other natural and human landscapes.

The boundless landscape formed after millions of years and the mazy of canyon embody the charm and vigor particular to the West China.

The canyon scene combines grand crayon, stone forest wonder, gobi, snow mountain and primeval forest with auto-travel, sport climbing and national customs.

In 2014, Zhangye Flat Lake Canyon is targeted for the film base of China Film Association and Chinese Television Artist Association. It is also chosen as the photographic creation base for Chinese Photographers Association and outdoor camping base for Chinese Outdoor Exploration Union.